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What are KZL orders?

Commercial Research Services

We offer a wide range of commercial research services and expert opinions using our scientific equipment and expert knowledge of SGGW researchers. Cooperation between scientists and entrepreneurs is a priority for us. Our goal is to facilitate the commercialization of the results of scientific research and development works, in accordance with the expectations of entrepreneurs who want to cooperate with us on a market basis. We strive to create an optimal offer that combines the advantages of the university with the preferred model of cooperation by companies.


Advantages of the implementation of KZL by the special purpose vehicle SGGW

Much higher remuneration for the Scientists implementing the HRM, fast administrative service, support during implementation.

Through the possibility of the participation of professional negotiators when setting the terms with the Client, the possibility of negotiating a more advantageous offer, and thus a higher remuneration.

Significant improvement of order execution by simplifying the procedures for purchasing materials and selecting subcontractors – as a result of exemption from the public procurement procedure. What is more, unused funds for the purchase of materials remain at the disposal of the Researchers (e.g. for additional remuneration).

Flexibility in the way the contract is executed and billing.

Securing the rights of Scientists to intellectual property created as a result of the execution of the order.

Simplify the administrative process as much as possible.

Support for Scientists in the process of preparing offers.

Would you like to get a grant?

Comprehensive assistance in the fundraising process

Advantages in the preparation of IT4L applications

  • Individual substantive consultations
  • Matching the grant to the researcher’s profile and the capabilities of the research
  • Formal preparation of the application
  • Searching for partners to create national and international consortia
  • Searching for business partners for implementation application

Our successes

Obtaining a grant in InnoTech4Life is always in the first place! When it comes to obtaining grants and grants, we focus on results. All elements of cooperation with InnoTech4Life are aimed at using the knowledge of WULS-SGGW scientists and improving technology transfer and building the SGGW brand in the country and in the world. To achieve this, our consulting department is made up of experts in various fields. This experience and knowledge means that we have

raised PLN 5 million in 2023 for our scientists.


PLN in 2023
natura i czlowiek

Scope of support

Analysis of the applicant's potential

We will check if the potential of your idea and team is sufficient to implement the project for which you want to obtain financing.

Preparation of the application

We will prepare all the formalities related to the submission of the application for funding.

Evaluation of the proposal

We monitor the websites of the institution evaluating the application and take it upon ourselves to contact it.

Grant agreement

After obtaining funding, we will prepare and complete all the necessary documents. We will also support you at the stage of negotiating the provisions of the contract.

How much can I sell it for?

Innotech4Life will help you get a quote for your technology!

At InnoTech4Life, we are aware of the importance of valuing the value of technology in a project. It is generally necessary in cases related to obtaining financing, making investment decisions, or transactions related to intellectual capital. For this reason, our valuations are based on well-established methods that have been proven in the most developed markets.

When conducting each valuation, we create a report according to one of four methods:

  • DCF (Discounted Cash Flow)
  • rNPV (Risk Adjusted Net Present Value)
  • RFR (Relief From Royalities)
  • comparative

Professional valuation of technology requires comprehensive activities

In the process of technology valuation (valuation of technological know-how), we apply an individual approach based on both the specifics of the scientist’s activity and the goals it is intended to serve. Therefore, we estimate the value of technology primarily by learning and understanding the most important factors influencing its value. Our valuation is based on:


We analyze the legal form and scope of protection, existing claims, the likelihood of claims in the future, the possibility of using the valued IP right individually/the need to have access to other IP rights, or the possibility of developing technology.

We examine whether your technology is already used in the Polish/Europe/world, at what stage of development it is, what financial outlays it still requires for development, how long it will take to develop it and how much it costs to implement/deploy.

We examine how long the period of competitive advantage is in the context of the pace of technical progress and possible competitive solutions.

We calculate the projected revenues as well as the costs. Our analyses are based on reliable sources of information such as: comparable market transactions, license fees, market data on competitors, statistical data, reports and market analyses.

We identify the types of risks, ways and costs of mitigating individual risk factors, foreseeable and probable events of

catastrophic significance that prevent the achievement of goals related to the implementation of technology.

Commercialization - spin-offs

Would you like to implement your innovative idea on the market?

Commercialization of the results of research and development works is a set of activities related to the transfer of a given technical or organizational knowledge and related know-how to business practice. Commercialization of technology can be defined as the process of supplying the market with new technologies. The full process requires comprehensive actions, which is why InnoTech4Life supports researchers at all stages of technology implementation.

InnoTech4Life’s offer includes the provision of consulting (business, legal, financial) in the field of commercialization of knowledge and technology. Through one of the 3 paths, InnoTech4Life supports scientists in implementing their innovative solutions on the market. Get to know them all!

Disposal of licenses

A license agreement is an agreement under which a licensor authorizes a licensee to use a work (e.g., some technology) in a specific way for the duration of intellectual property protection. It allows entities to use intangible assets that are protected by exclusive rights.

Indirect commercialization (spin-off company)

A spin-off company is a company operating in the form of a capital company (limited liability company or joint-stock company), established by at least one employee of a research unit or a student or graduate of a university, in order to commercialize scientific research or development work. The company’s earnings are generated from the sale of licenses, as well as the creation of products and services based on the intellectual property rights agreement.

Sale of Property Rights

A company can sell its IP rights (patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc.) by transferring the intellectual property rights to another entity. Signing an IP transfer agreement means transferring all the rights that the company originally held in relation to the intellectual property in question.


Frequently Asked Questions

All results of commissioned work carried out by a special purpose vehicle are counted in the evaluation of Scientists and research units in the same way as those carried out directly by the University – confirmed by the Copernicus Index.

Researchers receive remuneration for the implementation of the HRM from the company – it is completely independent of the University – there are no salary limits.

If, as an employee of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, you use intellectual property created at the university, the best way is to set up a spin-off company. The company may be a licensee and pay to SGGW the license fees specified in the agreement between it and SGGW.

The company is founded by the originator and Innotech4life. Through InnoTech4Life, SGGW acquires shares in the company, the rest is taken by the originator and third parties. We cooperate with a scientist in establishing a company, prepare documentation, valuations and guarantee support at the beginning of the company’s development.

The patent application is being prepared in cooperation with InnoTech4Life. We assist in the preparation of the application, cooperate with patent attorneys’ offices, and provide assistance and advice.

NOTE: If third parties are involved in the work preceding the patent application, e.g. by funding research, such a patent application may be filed with one or more external parties. In such a situation, the entities participating in the research become co-holders of the patent application in question.

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