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As a company, we offer a wide range of research, expertise and services using the equipment and expert knowledge of scientific staff in the form of commercial research services of KZL.


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Commercial Research Services

We carry out research projects, laboratory services, as well as offer professional consulting in response to the needs reported by entrepreneurs.


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Speed and efficiency of handling work commissioned by a dedicated team.

▶ Significant improvement of order execution – as a result of exemption from the public procurement procedure.

▶ Flexibility in the way the contract is executed and settlements are made – thanks to the company’s status as a commercial law entity.

Quality of service

Why should you trust IT4L?

Experienced & Professional Team

Our team consists of scientific and economic experts associated in the past with the National Centre for Research and Development, BGK, the Ministry of Investment and Development and PARP.

Certified Resort

We have numerous national and international certificates guaranteeing the quality of our services.

Comprehensive services

We provide comprehensive services to our customers. Its wide scope results not only from the competence of our team, but also from constant cooperation with other companies, institutions or VC funds.


Competitive Pricing

Thanks to the success-fee model, we minimize costs and offer competitive prices to our customers.


Are you looking for specialists?

This is where you will find experienced experts in the field of life science

Do you not have a qualified team to complete the project? Are you missing a specialist? The IT4L database contains more than 500 specialists in various fields. InnoTech4Life actively supports external business entities in their search for scientific partners to carry out tasks in R+D projects. Thanks to our support, dozens of projects have established fruitful cooperation and implemented projects in the areas of life science!

Staff of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences

The Warsaw University of Life Sciences is not only one of the universities – it is also an important scientific and research center. The level of research here does not differ from that carried out in renowned European and world centers. Innovative research work and, as a consequence, breakthrough achievements are primarily the result of the hard work of highly qualified academic staff who have decided to tie their scientific career to WULS-SGGW.

specialists and scientists

Are you looking for lab equipment?

Find the right lab and equipment for your needs

We offer access to state-of-the-art laboratory spaces available to scientists and companies from the Life Science, medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and related industries. In the files below you will find laboratories and equipment available at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. If you are interested in any of the items, please contact us.

Do you carry out R+D projects?

Collaborate with IT4L on R&D

The Warsaw University of Life Sciences has a wide range of research opportunities and we are willing to cooperate with representatives of the socio-economic environment for the development of all stakeholders and the entire society. We encourage and support our researchers in cooperation, with particular emphasis on inter or multidisciplinary projects. IT4L supports and implements several projects with domestic and foreign partners. Collaborate with other scientists, entrepreneurs or investors and make your project come true.

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The best companies don't wait for the competition to catch up with them!

You don’t know how to legally secure the purchase of an innovation? Do you need support in introducing new technology? Do you need up-to-date information on the best opportunities and forms of financing for the purchase and implementation of innovation or technology transfer? Do you want to gain a competitive advantage on

the market thanks to implemented innovations? If so, we invite you to InnoTech4Life, here you will get professional help!

Scope of service

As part of the service, we will present you with technologies that will increase your competitive advantage on the market. Thanks to us, you will gain reliable business partners and learn new directions of development for your company!

The help of our experts gives you the chance to choose the most beneficial way for your company to implement the selected innovation or technology. In addition, by using our service, you will also receive up-to-date information on financing new technologies in your company.

As part of the service, we will prepare your company for the purchase of a new technological solution. As part of the service, we will prepare a report with recommendations and templates of new technology or innovation purchase agreements (license; purchase/sale agreement; agreement for the implementation of a research/innovation project).

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